As we undertake research of our archive, we often unearth aerial images of old industrial buildings that were still operational in the 60s and 70s but have now either fallen into disrepair or been converted into other uses.

In the North of England, textile mills were the backbone of the industrial age, employing many thousands of people across a large swathe of the North. Now many hundreds of mills stand empty or have been demolished, but in recent years restoration projects have begun to repurpose once derelict mill buildings into domestic, tourist and business locations.

Salt’s Mill in Saltaire is a great example of a historic mill that is now a vibrant commercial and public space (pictured above). Built in 1853, and at the time the world’s largest industrial building, the mill produced cloth for well over a hundred years before finally ceasing production in 1986. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was purchased by Jonathan Silver in 1987 and has grown to become a renowned tourist destination and business centre. More about Salt’s Mill

If you now live or visit a mill in the north of England, we likely have aerial images from the 1950s onwards. Get in touch to find out more.